New Orleans Film Festival, here we come!

Good news!

The short film I produced earlier this year was selected for the 2013 NEW ORLEANS FILM FESTIVAL!

I blogged about it about five months ago, just after our kickstarter-funded production wrapped.  The writer, director, and editor, Gus Péwé, is just finishing up the final cut to send it off.

In all honestly, we weren’t expecting to have a final cut until Spring 2014.  You have to understand, this movie is like none other.  One of the characters in this 20 minute film, is completely rotoscoped.  Frame-by-frame animation had to be done.  It’s a total pain in the ass.  Just ask Gus.

To make things easier, I purchased Gus a Wacom Tablet, along with a carpel tunnel wrist guard.  The past month has been long and tedious for him.  I commend his endurance and drive.

So a trip to New Orleans should ease all the pain…

Our big plan was to take our time to finish the cut, and complete the animations.  We would then work the film festival circuit, and try to build a platform for the film.  Then we would release it  online.  From here, we would seek out funding for our next film — a feature Gus is currently writing.

But, we released a short teaser trailer this summer.  Actually two of them.  The second one was more revealing than the first. This is when Gus received a message from the director of the New Orleans Film Festival.  He he had watched the trailer and was very excited to see the final cut.  He  also expressed interest in the possibility of  showing the film in this year’s festival. See, another short Gus made, This Vacuum is Too Loud, was shown there last year.  So Gus knows it is a great festival.

Gus uploaded a very ROUGH cut of Same Ghost.  He sent it over to the director along with an access password.

A couple days later, Gus received a message.

The film was selected and, according to him, everyone at New Orleans was very excited to screen such an original movie.

Despite unedited sound, and animation that wasn’t even close to being done, the film was selected.  A deadline was set, and Gus got to work.

The NOFF staff saw what Gus and I saw when we filmed this movie: an original piece of work.

We are honored to premiere the movie at New Orleans this October.

We just recently purchased train tickets to New Orleans (I don’t fly).  We are ecstatic about the trip.  We are forever grateful for those who donated to our Kickstarter campaign, to those who helped make this possible and most of all, the support we have received from NOFF,  and our family and friends.

Today, we are looking forward to what the future holds.

Be sure to check out the trailer here.


Making movies reminds me why I write Movies.

There was a time, when I aspired to be a director.

But then I read a quote from Francis Ford Coppola — “If you want to direct you must know how to write.”

Soon after that, I purchased my first how-to write a screenplay book.

We recently wrapped on production of a short film titled Same Ghost Every Night. I produced and ran the camera as Director of Photography. This is my second collaboration with writer and director Gus Péwé

Production couldn’t have gone any better. We had a small cast and crew — the six to eight-hour days were filled with moments of laughter, drama and creativity. After months and months of spending most of my days alone at a desk, with my cats and twenty note books of research and beat sheets, I got to actually get on set and make a movie.

Making a movie reminded me why I write movies. I had forgotten.

The process is so fulfilling.

Ultimately I just want to make a career somewhere, somehow, in the movie industry.

After 9 days of working the camera, talking to people, directing them, enjoying the company of other individuals who aspire for the same thing, I realize how important it is to continue to write. Those 9 days showed why I am pursuing this line of work in the first place.

It’s good to have a reminder every now and then.

Making movies makes you want to write movies. I look forward to my future. I have more energy and inspiration than I have in a long time.

Always be writing. Every day.



Our Next Movie

So hopefully you guys all took the time to watch the latest film I produced called THE BIG WEST.  It was directed and written by one of the more talented people I know, Gus Péwé.

We shot the film for relatively cheap, and seeing as we’re students with minimal wage jobs, I think we produced something very special.  The film is awaiting notification of qualification in The Frozen Film Fest and The New Orleans Fest (Both are festivals where Gus’ previous films have shown).

We have since moved on from THE BIG WEST.  We just finished shooting a music video for a musician, neat beats.  It’s a montage of pretty ladies in lingerie, bathtubs, and twirling around with hula-hoops — editing should be finished at the end of the month.  During this shoot, Gus and I started talking about our next project.

He says it’s his longest script to date — 11 pages.

SAME GHOST EVERY NIGHT, will be the biggest budget movie we have yet to do.

We lined out a budget, secured our locations, paid for insurance out of our pockets, and found our actors.  As of now, we are in massive debt and a camera has yet to be lifted.  If you follow the link below — we have set up a kickstarter campaign.  Look it over and pass it along.  I appreciate any pledge you can make, if any at all.

Thanks for the time.


THE BIG WEST. Watch it here.

Some months ago, I blogged about a short film I produced called THE BIG WEST. It was written and directed by young and upcoming filmmaker Gus Péwé.

On Tuesday, at a local non-profit location, we premiered THE BIG WEST to our friends and family.

The final cut was 15 minutes. With a micro-budget, friends for actors and little resources, I believe we took a step into furthering our careers.

And that’s what it’s all about.

I utterly enjoyed making this movie — with people who take movie making as seriously as I do.

I hope you enjoy.


Music by Sonic Mound

THE BIG WEST trailer. It’s an Indie Western

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a special blog about a movie I was producing called the THE BIG WEST. Well now I’m here to present to you all — the first trailer.

Watching it, it’s hard to believe it’s only a short film. As you can tell, this is no average western tale. We are aiming for a final cut time of around ten minutes and so far let me tell you, it feels much quicker than that. It’s a story unlike any other, that isn’t worth missing.

We are currently in the process of finding a suitable location for its premiere.  We plan to display Gus’ earlier films and then  follow-up with THE BIG WEST premiere.

I’ll be posting further details later down the road. You can always contact me if you ever have any questions. I’d be happy to answer.



THE BIG WEST. It’s an Indie Western.

Earlier this summer I went to a fellow film making friend of mine, Mr. Gus Péwé, and told him that I would like to invest and produce his next movie — It was called THE BIG WEST. The script, I got to say it, was nothing special. Nothing to flip a lid about. It was brief. Short. Straight to the point. I wasn’t worried one bit.  This was how most of Gus’ scripts were. He had all that visual stuff in his head….waiting to come out on-screen.

Gus and I met in high school, where he was three grades below me. I think it’s safe to say we hit it off, mainly due to the fact we loved the same thing: Film. I graduated and Gus went on to make the short film  THE THREE VIVID DREAMS — eventually winning an award and tuition to the Interlochen Arts academy in Northern Michigan. Gus was always talented, but it wasn’t until this movie, where I really began to believe in his ability to direct an original film.

At school, he went on to direct a senior thesis project MY FAVORITE PLANET, which has since appeared at multiple festivals. During this period Gus and I had kept in good contact. But had never collaborated on much, due to the fact we’re on different sides of  the spectrum when it comes to ” genre” and ” story”. Our styles remain very different.

After Interlochen, he enrolled in the liberal arts school Denison in Ohio. There he made another short THIS VACUUM IS TOO LOUD. The film was recently a winner of the The Hammer to Nail Film Contest and is set to appear in multiple film festivals around the country. Gus was on his way. I enjoyed his success as much as he did.

This is when I decided to invest and produce Gus’ next film THE BIG WEST. With Gus at the helm as director, there was no doubt, we as a team were going to make something special.

With his creativity and my resources, we could really put something together that could further both our careers.

And that’s what exactly we did. Or that’s exactly what we have done.

THE BIG WEST is a tough one to put into words. It combines a western, science fiction, a buddy-journey story, with moments of comedy — See that’s another thing Gus is so talented at. He always said, ” I hate the idea of genres”.

This film is low-budget. Using our well-trained, very talented friends,  preparing our resources with vigilance, we shot the movie in a long 10 days. We have since put together a rough cut and I’m proud to say the investment was well worth it —  We made a movie. To me, nothing is more satisfying.

We have yet to set a release date for the film. As we are preparing for a local theater release. We’re working on a cut for the trailer, various marketing techniques and already started thinking about our next project — “Same Ghost Every Night”.

We’re creating. We’re striving. We’re trying. “Writer, director” at one time sounded great. But now I’m liking to sound of ” Writer, Producer”.

I always say, ” Surround yourself with people who inspire you, and there’s no telling what you’ll come up with”. I’m glad I met Gus.

Gus Péwé – Director

Tommy Colangelo – Original Music