Progress Makes Perfect.

I cleaned out my desk the other day. Where deep in back I had some screenplays that I had written a couple years back, when I first attempted to write movies. I think writers are always changing. If you look at some of the most famous authors, you’ll see their writing change through out theirContinue reading “Progress Makes Perfect.”

I had just purchased an orange.

It was Halloween 2011. I had purchased an orange the night before at the local produce market. I had so much hope; it had so much hope. I have craved the  fruit for some time now and I couldn’t wait to eat it. The thought of it made my mouth water… The peel was toughContinue reading “I had just purchased an orange.”

Handy Dandy Notebook; it’s something “Blue’s Clues” taught me.

If you were a kid in the late nineties to the early…. 2000’s or whatever, then you’re familiar with the show Blue’s Clues. It was decent show; that was until Steve left and his brother took over…. There was a good lesson I took from that show and I think everyone else should too… and it wasn’tContinue reading “Handy Dandy Notebook; it’s something “Blue’s Clues” taught me.”

Three things that lead to success. You need two.

To succeed, you need two of the next three things. If you got all three, consider yourself successful. 1. Talent. Ah, you were born with god given ability to run fast. Great hand-eye coordination and lighting quick feet. You have physical talent! Someday you’ll be playing a professional sport. You can draw, your pencil justContinue reading “Three things that lead to success. You need two.”