Glory Days

After falling to a 3-3 record, the Berkley Cougar football team could miss the playoffs for the third straight season, following the hire of Al Sawyer, an alum and once great football player himself. Curt Porter, the all-star quarterback, latest play has been disappointment; the season hangs on his performance and with one more loss, the team’s playoff hopes will be gone and Al will lose his job.

Curt is failing English class and is on the brink of ineligibility. His teacher, Karla Sawyer, happens to be Al’s wife. Karla, an ex-local beauty pageant winner and Al’s high school sweetheart, struggles with her boring life, and is bitter towards Al, who remains focused on football.

Curt trying to improve his grades and remain eligible, entices Karla for after school studying. Al argues with the A.D. and his wife, desperately needing Curt on the practice field for the preparation for the three remaining must win games.

Karla and Curt begin a passionate affair. Curt’s play quickly changes from bad to excellent. The team may make the playoffs after all and Al’s job and dreams could be saved. But when he learns of the affair. He must choose between those dreams or the long time marriage with his one time high school sweetheart.

It’s a sports drama where our characters fight to never let go of the past and soon learn whatever they do, they may never recapture their glory days.

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