Alien Coyote

Theo Richards is kicked out of his parent’s house and is forced to take job in the city where he will live by himself for the first time. A troubled young adult, looking for guidance and a path of happiness, Theo can’t seem to get it right.

He befriends a drug addicted neighbor who entices him to try heroin. On his way to his new job, he takes a path through the woods,  where he comes across a lonely girl feeding a coyote. Theo can’t help to be curious. When he arrives at work, he realizes she’s a co-worker. He’s instantly drawn to her by unknown forces. After heavy withdrawals from heroin, Theo loses his job.

His parents refuse to help,and he finds his neighbor dead from an over dose — Theo then decides to get his life back on track, to save the coyote from the animal control and win over the heart of the girl at work.

This is his last chance to make it. His last chance to survive. Where will the path lead him next?

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