Robert E. Hoxie

Born to a Mexican-American family in a small town in Michigan, Robert credits his dysfunctional upbringing for his dark sense of humor and ability to tell a family drama. At a young age, he found an appreciation for peculiar and inexplicable human stories from reading history books and watching reruns of Unsolved Mysteries. Sourcing his background as inspiration, his works often deal with sexuality, addiction, and relationships set in rural middle America often exploring a dark, ironic, humorous side of the human condition. His drive and collaborative efforts have resulted in short films, a web series, comic books, and a collection of short fiction. His screenplays have been optioned and produced. Most recently his novel, Girls I Know was published by BHC Press. He studied creative writing at Oakland University and received his MFA in screenwriting at Boston University. He enjoys fishing, harness horse racing, and his two very fat cats.


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The Spring Steel Killercrime-thriller. Producer: Michael D. Bryant and Miles Lawrence. Logline: Three years after his daughter vanished without a trace, a washed-up grieving detective sets out to track down the serial killer preying on sex workers in downtown Detroit. 2020. In development. 

Falling Waterscrime-drama. 1st place Fleder/Rosenberg 2019 Short Screenplay Competition. Logline: A desperate high school girl teams up with her much older boyfriend to sell her father’s rare gun to a local drug dealer in an attempt to leave town and escape the mundane suburbia life she dreads.

The Beekeeper — psychological-thriller. Producer: Ryan Baker, Sixgun Pictures. Logline: A mysterious and atmospheric story of a grieving widower who has found solace in keeping bees. Until one day he meets a promiscuous sexual deviant that entices his instinctive desires. But there’s a problem — she’s allergic to bees. 2018. In development. 


Girls I Know — novel. BHC Press. Twenty-three-year-old Francis King is dumped by the last girl he thinks he’ll ever love. Heartbroken and alone, he is thrust into the digital age of dating and a single life he’s never known: a world of hookup culture riddled with noncommittal relationships. September 2020.

Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions — short story collection. Evocative and distinctly erotic, Girls, Cigarettes & Illusions is a collection of ten vignettes that trace the lives of modern-day couples and singles. 2019.


Room 17 — found footage short film. Producer: Robert E Hoxie & Giulia Pink. Directed by: Robert E. Hoxie. Written by: Robert E. Hoxie & Giulia Pink. Logline: A tarot reader and her videographer boyfriend attempt to contact a spirit that haunts a hotel room in Salem, Massachusetts. 2019.

Julia Street — web series. Producer: Robert E. Hoxie and Alex M. Norris. Directed by: Robert E. Hoxie. Written by: Robert E. Hoxie & Alex M. Norris. Logline: A boyfriend must find his ex girlfriend’s cat in order to get her back. 2018.


Find Bailee — docuseries. Producer: Robert E. Hoxie. Logline: The search for the truth after uncovering the intricate lies and detailed facade of a catfish Facebook account that dated back eight years and spanned across the globe. Coming Soon.